Last time in RDC On-site we learned navigation from one page to another. Now today I will show you some tip and trick for searching patients or CRF in RDC and how you can see long lists in a same page without navigating to other pages.

Well, basically RDC shows you only 50 patients within a page and you cannot increase these numbers without making changes in preferences, but you can easily navigate and open next 50 patients.

Navigating through Long Lists

You can easily navigate from 1st  page of 50 patients to 2nd page of 50 patients list. After login when you open your RDC On-site home page for data entry or any other task, then you will see a dropdown in above the subject entries for navigation of 1st 50 to another 50 patients. Check the below screenshot:

Navigating through Long Lists

To navigate to other entries within a list:

  • For Previous set of entries you can Click the < symbol or the Previous n link
  • For Next set of entries Click the > symbol or the Next n
  • You can select patients from dropdown menu and it will give you a specific range for data selection. Note that you can also see the total number of items retrieved as a result of the current search.
  • For a long lists view you can use the scroll bar located on the right side in vertical position.

You can also increase the number of patients or entries in a single page. Navigate to the preference page and change the value of “Number of Items to Display = N”.

If you change it to 100 then 100 patients or entries will display in a single page. I will give you info about this in my next post “How to set preferences for Lists and Dates format”.

Searching for Patients or CRFs

Now each and every desktop, mobile and web application have a search function for instant search and access any content.  The same feature is available in the RDC On site for instant patient or CRF search.

Searching for Patients or CRFs

Suppose you have a 1000 or more patient list and want to search a particular patient ID then manually it is difficult to find out the right person from bulk list. Then In that case you can use the search feature and add values according to your choice and get results within few seconds.

In RDC On-site each and every page have  a search pane. You can search any patient, CRF, discrepancies and reports according to your work.

Search Pane criteria vary from page to page as per page content and requirement. Search pane provides you many options like:

  • Search for specific patients by range or by data entry status (data entered or not)
  • Search for CRFs, according to discrepancies, verification and approval status.
  • Search for CRFs by name and visit information.

You can also narrow down your search criteria for accurate and fast search in thousands of patients. According to the RDC tutorials Example: “you can search for all CRFs that are for Visit 1 and have a name of VITALS and need to be approved.”

I hope you like this information. If you have any query and any suggestion regarding this post or any other tutorials of ClinicalOcean then please share your feedback with us and other viewers via comments. We will try to resolve your issue as soon as possible.