Clinical Trial Management System

Clinical Trial Management System is a computer application or web based application. Now these days, when clinical trials are continuously increasing all over the world, CTMS play very important role to boost-up the process and reduce time taken by any clinical trial.

Most of the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and clinical research industry using these Clinical trial management systems for managing clinical trials or clinical research. Different types of CTMS used in Clinical Trials, some for only data capture and some for multi tasking.

I don’t know everything about all these CTMS but I will collect, more and more information about these just for your all. But right now I have collected the number of CTMS currently hired by big MNCs or CROs for Clinical Research Process.

Some are very robust like Oracle Clinical, Medidata Rave, Oracle Inform etc. I will share about these CTMS soon in my next post.


List Of Clinical Trial Management Systems (CTMS)


Axiom Real-Time Metrics

Owner or Developer: Axiom Metrics

ClinIT or KOEHLER eClinical

Owner or Developer: KOEHLER eClinical GmbH


ClinPhone RTSM solutions is now part of Perceptive My Trials eClinical Platform. Perceptive Informatics is now Parexel Informatics. As we know Paraxel is one of the top most CROs in the world.


Owner or Developer: Quadratek


Owner or Developer: Cmed CRO


Owner or Developer: CompleWare Corporation


Owner or Developer: DataTrak


Owner or Developer: Datatrial

Entrypoint Plus

Owner or Developer: Phoenix Software International, Inc


Owner or Developer: Fortress Medical Systems


Owner or Developer: InferMed Ltd


Owner or Developer: Kayentis Digital Pen and Paper CRFs (eCOA and eCRFs)

Medidata CTMS

Owner or Developer: Medidata Solutions Inc

M-Edu, M-1 and M- Core

Owner or Developer: Medrio Inc.


Owner or Developer: MedNet Solutions Inc.


Owner or Developer: Nextrials Inc.

ViewPoint FUSE

Owner or Developer: Octagon Research Solutions

Octagon Research Solutions is now part of Accenture.


Owner or Developer: OmniComm Systems, Inc.

OpenClinica (Open Source) – Learn How to Install

Owner or Developer: OpenClinica, LLC

Oracle Clinical

Owner or Developer: Oracle Inc

OnPoint CTMS

Owner or Developer: BioClinica

Phase Forward

Owner or Developer: Oracle Inc.

ePRO Designer

Owner or Developer: PHT Corporation


Owner or Developer: Prelude Dynamics


Owner or Developer: Merge Healthcare Incorporated


Owner or Developer:  Syne Qua Non Limited.

Target CTMS

Owner or Developer: Target Health Inc

TrialStat CTMS

Owner or Developer: TrialStat®, a Division of Jubilant Clinsys Inc.

You can add your Clinical Trial Management Systems in this list. Just comment here and tell us about your CTMS.

I hope you got some valuable information with this post. If you have any feedback and any suggestion for us and if you have any content related to this list share with us.

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