Sorting is again a very good feature in RDC Onsite which helps to find any data very fast and effective. RDC Onsite displays data just like a MS Excel, in Rows and Columns format. You can’t sort rows but yes you can sort columns in ascending and descending order. You can see this in RDC Onsite Home page, you can click any of the columns header and sort the list. In home page you will see following columns:

  • Patient Number
  • Last Modified
  • Casebook

After each login RDC Onsite show default sorting listing in alphanumeric order by patient number. For example, A1, A2, A11, A12, A40, G6, J1 etc. One more thing, don’t include the column header in sorting list. It is not included in initial row for any column.

sorting enteries in RDC Onsite_2

Each column have a sorting indicator mark and you can see this mark at column header. You can sort single column at a time. Up arrow indicates the list is in ascending order and down arrow indicates, list is in descending order. Click same column header to toggle ascending and descending list content.

sorting enteries in RDC Onsite_3

 Sorting Column – Example

During any Clinical Trial or study we collect huge amount of data and involve large amount of patients for particular trial. Column sorting play an important role to collect information quickly and efficiently, Sorting helps to find Available Patient Numbers.  Sorting place blank column at the top of the list, Blank entries indicated that patient have no data and associated patient number has not yet been used.

sorting enteries in RDC Onsite_2

Find Recently Modified Patient Data with Sorting

You can find Recently modified patient data by sorting method. See above screenshot, it will show you a column of Last modified. Simply click on header arrow and set sorting as per your requirement. Right now column in descending order and showing latest entry first followed with older entries. Latest entries have no entries and showing blank with no modifications details.

Find Patients by Casebook with Sorting

If your patients all belong to the same casebook, sort on the Casebook column to group patients within the list regardless of patient number or modification date. You can then easily see the status of each patient and determine which CRFs require your attention.

Unique Sort on the Patient Number

Upon initial entry to the Home page or any of the Review pages, RDC Onsite sorts the entries numerically by patient number (ID). However, when you select the Patient Number column header to re-sort the list, RDC Onsite sorts the entries alphabetically.