If you are operating RDC Onsite then before entering patient data or updating any existing data in a CRF, you must check and select correct study and site for data entry.

After Login to RDC Onsite you can see this option are top-right side of the Home page and the Casebooks Page. By default it will show the current study and site but you can change it as per your requirement. See below screenshot for study and site selection options:


RDC Onsite by default show all the studies and site in alphabetical order. Remember below points:

  • After First Login, RDC Onsite will show you first study and site available for you.
  • After Second Login, RDC Onsite will show you the last visited study and site by default.

Studies and Sites available for Data Entry

All the available studies and site are allotted by sponsor or project Head or RDC Onsite administrator. All studies and site associated with particular studies shows that you are participating and handling these studies. For Data entry process Sponsor or RDC Onsite Administrator will give you specific privilege as per your user roles.

In most of the cases, users work on single site in a study exclusively for best quality. If your sponsor or project head gave you single site then don’t go for study and site search. Because it will show you only single study and site. But if you are working for multi site and studies then before data entry of any patient, you must check the correct study and site for precaution against wrong entries.

Study and site lists always show valid study and sites. Condition of valid site is presence of an investigator and entry of at least one patient. A valid study must have one valid site. If your study and site is not available in RDC Onsite then contact your Help Desk.

View Current Study and Site

Follow below steps to view and operate current study and site allotted for you.

Login RDC Onsite and Open Home Page

Alternatively, You can also view same functions in Casebooks Page.

First select available study by simply click on Study drop down and select your study.

Current study and site

Click the Site field and then select site from the list. By Default, RDC Onsite show you –Select Site – message into the study field.

After successful data entry in study and sites you can generate summary report later and link for summary report is available following Pages:

  • Home Page
  • Casebooks Page
  • Report Page

Check Summary Reports post for more details.