We have configured Internet Explorer as per RDC Onsite requirements. Now you must obtain login credentials (username and password ) and login web address from your sponsor.

RDC Onsite web address or CMS is placed in server and make it as a subdomain of main website. Like http://sermes.rdconsite.com/, you can see here sermes is subdomain of rdconsite.com.

OC RDC Login

Sponsor have full authority to change the login process and layout. By default login screen have Username, Password and Help fields. Now follow below steps for login process:

1. Open Internet Explorer (Configured).

2.  Type the Web address provided by sponsor in address bar. e.g sermes.rdconsite.com

3. Click Go and wait for RDC Onsite Login page

4. Enter username given by sponsor

  • Username is not case-sensitive
  • Every username have specific privileges and access rights

5. Enter password given by sponsor

  • Password is not case-sensitive
  • For security purpose, RDC Onsite displays asterisks “*” in password field
  • You can change your password anytime after logging in to RDC Onsite

6. Click Login button. RDC Onsite verify your username and password, and then redirect to Home page.

Shortcut or bookmarking to Login Page

For easy and quick access to login page. Add URL or web address to Favorites list in Internet Explorer. You can click star icon in right corner as shown in below image or you can use keyboard shortcut (CTRL+D) to add link in Favorites.


Custom Options For Login Page

As I said, Sponsor have full authority to modify login page as per requirement. Well it is not mandatory but I am just giving you the information about this feature.

Sponsor can Customize Login Page as follows:

1. Include Reset Password Option which is very helpful if you have forgotten you login password.

2. Include link that open a new web page in another tab and provide information on how to contact sponsor and Help Desk.

3. Include custom LOGO at top, then you can add your company LOGO at login page.

Resetting Password

In some cases when you forgot your password then you cannot log in to RDC Onsite. Then there is two options, which helps you to reset your passwords:

1. Contact Help Desk

2. Use the Reset password link, if included by sponsor in Login Page.

Requesting new password from Login Page:

1. Start RDC Onsite and Click Reset Password link.

2. Enter Username and click Reset button. RDC Onsite redirect to login page and displays a confirmation massage.

3. you will receive you new password via e-mail.

If reset password process through reset link is not working or if you have any other query regarding RDC Onsite access then contact Help Desk.


Remember one thing, after successful password reset, Login to RDC Onsite and immediately change system generated password.