I hope you enjoy my last post of RDC Onsite and in last post I told you that Oracle prefer Internet Explorer for Execution of RDC Onsite. So today I will show you the whole process of Internet Explorer configuration according to RDC Onsite requirement.

So before running RDC Onsite first time, you must verify:

  • Version of Internet Explorer as per RDC Onsite requirement
  • Internet Explorer connection, security features and privacy settings

Remember RDC Onsite is web based application, so if you ever have difficulty starting up the RDC Onsite then always check your Internet Explorer settings.

Internet Explorer Setting:

1. Open Internet Explorer -> Help Menu -> select About Internet Explorer and check version for RDC Onsite.
2. Open Tool menu -> Internet Options -> Advance Tab
3. Scroll down to HTTP 1.1 Settings and make below settings:

  • Click the Use HTTP 1.1 check box.
  • Click Use HTTP 1.1 through proxy connections check box.

oracle rdc user guide4. scroll down and check Security setting. Make sure and deselect Do not save encrypted page to disk

Security setting

5. Click Security tab and make changes as per below steps:

  • Select the Web content zone Internet, Local intranet, or Trusted sites and make security settings. 
  • Click the Custom Level button to open the Security Settings window.
  • Scroll down and Enable Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins.

Run ActiveX controls

  • Scroll down and Enable Scripting, Under Active scripting and then click save.


6. Click Privacy Tab and make following changes:

  • Drag the Settings (cookie-blocking) slider to Medium High or lower as per requirement
  • Click Block pop-ups check box
  • Click Settings -> Filter Level field -> select either Low or Medium from the list -> Close -> Click OK and save all settings


Configure Cache setting

You can improve speed and performance of RDC Onsite by configuring cache setting present in Internet Explorer. Sometime CRFs and other pages taking long time to load in web browser. Cache is helping to store some temporary data for future execution.

Follow below steps for configuration of Cache in Internet Explorer:

1. Open Internet Explorer -> Tool Menu -> Internet Options

2. Click General Tab. In Temporary Internet Files section, click Settings button and open setting dialog box.

  • Select Automatically for the Check for newer versions
  • Set amount of disk usage as per your requirement for temporary Internet files or folders, then click OK and save all changes

3. Open Advanced Tab -> Security Section -> deselect empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser is closed

Empty Temporary Internet

4. Click OK and save all changes

Now Internet Explorer is ready for RDC Onsite and you can run RDC onsite freely without any restrictions.