If you read my last post of Oracle Clinical RDC or RDC onsite then you understand that RDC Onsite is not a system application, it is a web based application and Oracle prefer Internet Explorer as a best browser to run RDC Onsite. One more thing, you should know about the terms used for RDC Onsite user here and it is “Client”. Client is the web browser interface to the application server. In this tutorial I will show you the essential tasks and system requirement for RDC Onsite client setup.

About Oracle Clinical Client

Currently Oracle Clinical has two layout systems for Data entry purpose:

  1. Character-based layout: It includes Oracle clinical data entry and RDC Classic data entry
  2. Graphics-based layout: It Includes RDC Onsite (HTML) data entry. In addition it supports annotated CRFs and Patient Data Reports.

Operating System Requirement for RDC Onsite

We know that RDC Onsite is web based application. So I will tell you which browser and version of browser is best compatible for RDC onsite. Right Now there is soo many Operating system are their in market therefore Oracle specify specific condition for particular operating system.

  • Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer
    1. Windows XP: Internet Explorer 7+
    2. Windows Vista: Internet Explorer 7+
    3. Windows 7: Internet Explorer 8+
    4. Windows Server 2008: Internet Explorer 8+

If you have good command in programming and have knowledge about language, coding and programming then surely you aware about JAVA Runtime Environment (JRE). RDC Onsite require Java runtime environment because JRF provide minimum requirements to execute RDC Onsite.

  • Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
    1. Oracle Clinical, RDC Classic, and RDC Administration require Java SE 6 Update 24 (Standard Edition, Version or later.
    2. RDC Onsite does not require the JRE.
  • Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.
    1. To view reports, including Patient Data Reports (PDRs), Adobe Reader, Release 7.x or later, US English versions.
    2. For annotated layouts, Adobe Acrobat 7.x or 8.x+, US English versions.

Including all these requirement you should make intranet and internet connections for data transfer.

Configuring Personal Firewall

If client computer has a personal firewall, So first either disable it or configure it as per RDC requirement to function properly.