In my last post I already give a small brief about RDC Onsite. If you missed my last post then read this first Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture (RDC Onsite). As I already told you that RDC Onsite is totally web application and not a window application like MS Office. There is no requirement to install this in your own system.

In this post I will give you information about electronic data capture and how it works. As the name describe it is capturing data online and data feeding online. It is just entering data or study data from source documents into trial database and save it to a database which is located at the host company. Data may be related to patient’s history or current trials based.

Electronic data capture in RDC Onsite is real-time processes, which means site users enter and updated data from all trial sites and on the other project team and sponsor can access the same data immediately. Because all the data is directly saved into the single server and all site are connected with the same server that’s why all user can see and access the data with their login credentials.

Advantages of electronic data capture in clinical trials:

  • Real-time access
  • Multiple tasks by multiple user groups
  • Accurate tracking of patients data
  • High-quality data ensured by roles like electronic edit checks
  • View and monitoring remotely

Because of all the above  advantages EDC replaces the traditional paper-based data collection but still some organizations following paper based data collection methodologies but it is little time and money consuming process. Now a day maximum pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organizations (CRO) follows electronic data capture for fast and accurate results.


Above image will give you a idea, How EDC work and How users can access data from different locations. Well currently so many tools used by different organisations for electrnoic data capture like Oracel Clinical RDC,, Oracle Inform, Merge eClinical OS, Open Clinica, SAS Pheedit etc. Platform of all is different but apply for same functions.