Oracle RDCOracle Clinical Remote Data Capture or we can say OC RDC or RDC Onsite is one of the best or robust tools in Clinical Research domain. If you are in Clinical Research domain or want to enter into this domain then this term will definitely important for you. Now a day clinical research growing continuously all over the world and help to provide best quality drugs and devices for the better health of human being. Oracle Clinical Remote Data Capture or RDC onsite play an important for conducting and collecting data from on site to another and help to reduce the time in whole clinical trial process.

RDC onsite in completely web based application and not a system application just like MS office. Some predefined studies and data is there just for demo purpose but you can create your own study data in RDC onsite as per your requirement.

RDC onsite is basically used for data collection, review and report clinical data collected during a clinical study like patient visit, patient history, etc. Same as other professional Content Management Systems, RDC onsite have some categories or we can say that RDC onsite have some permissions for specific user types. I know you are definitely thinking about that, how many user types RDC onsite have?

Types of User in RDC onsite:

  1. Administrator’s guide
  2. User guide
  3. Classic Data Entry User’s Guide

In this tutorial series I will discuss about the RDC onsite User guide, I think this is first priority for you. Administrator’s guide is not prior right now but I will discuss about that later. This is the main page of Oracle Clinical RDC onsite and you will migrate to other pages with the help of this one.

Yes one more thing Oracle Clinical RDC onsite is not a free tool, it is totally paid and if you want to purchase this tool then you can go to the oracle website and talk with sales person regarding pricing, features and term & conditions.

Now with the help of this post information I will give you some important informations with systematic order due to which you will not lose any topic and enjoy the valuable information. Below is the list of topics which I will discuss you in my other posts in brief.

  1. Getting started with Remote Data Capture Onsite
  2. How many tools used in RDC Onsite
  3. How to enter and update data
  4. How to Manage Discrepancies
  5. How to Review Investigator Comments
  6. How to Review special Listings
  7. How to Verify Case Report Forms (CRFs)
  8. How to approve Case Report Forms (CRFs)
  9. How to use Search Function
  10. How to view summary reports
  11. How to Generate CRF Reports
  12. Details of  CRF Icons
  13. Report Contents